Tips to Plan an Incentive Trip Your Team Will Love – Temple Rock

January 21, 2020

4 Quick Tips to Start Planning an Incentive Trip Your Team Will Love

Whether your objective is honoring key members of your organization, rewarding top sellers or increasing employee engagement, corporate incentive travel is an effective motivator and sought-after perk. It’s also a significant investment. Ensure a return on that investment that exceeds your expectations by making the right choices early in the planning process.


1. Choose the Perfect Sales Incentive Trip Location:

  • Aim for desirable and bucket-list worthy destinations that your team may not have the opportunity to experience independently.
  • Investigate the local dining, transportation and sleeping accommodations options for your event budget.
  • Create a list of appealing activities each location offers to distinguish what makes each unique.
  • Research shipping costs as well as vendors at the destination to ensure availability of the necessary resources to execute your vision.

2. Select the Right Time of Year for Incentive Travel

  • Aim for the location’s optimal seasonal weather conditions.
  • You may be able to stretch your budget further by shifting your dates just outside the “busy season.”
  • Research the timing of any local annual events that may drive up costs or cause overbooking.
  • Also consider how the event timing will affect the team’s productivity and look for a time in the calendar that is typically less busy for your industry.

3. Include Plus-ones in Incentive Travel Plans

  • Your team spends a majority of their time at the office, working for the success of the organization. Afford them the opportunity to bring their spouse or significant other along to enjoy the incentive experience together.
  • As the central support system to each of your representatives, they too have made sacrifices for the organization’s sake.

4. Establish Work/Play Balance for an Enjoyable Corporate Trip

  • Balance the agenda to offer attendees the right amount of free time to enjoy themselves and spread business-related events out across the duration of the trip.
  • A good guideline is 70/30 with the majority of the time available for relaxation and fun activities, while still dedicating time to the corporate message behind the trip.

Designing and producing unique incentive trip experiences is one of the things Temple Rock does best. Click here for photos and information on a few examples of our work and send us a note for a complimentary consultation on your next incentive project.