Tips for an Efficient On-Site Production Office – Temple Rock

January 8, 2020

5 Tips for Setting Up an Efficient On-Site Production Office

On-site execution is when you get to bring a program to life and is easily one of the most exciting parts of working in the events industry. Event production offices serve as hubs for collaboration and productivity that can quickly become chaotic if mismanaged. But with proper preparation you can structure the environment to prevent distractions, interruptions and routine tasks from wasting time and taking your attention away from your primary role.


1. Production Office Signage

Creating office signage with general project information streamlines the process of getting set up and working for both you and your on-site colleagues. Signs that hold information such as; Wi-Fi network log in information, printer connection instructions, production schedules, floor plans and seating assignments all help to reduce the amount of time you spend onboarding team members. With production crews ranging from 10 to upwards of 200 people, signage alone can save your on-site office team hours of work.

2. High-Speed Printers & Copiers for On-site Needs

With the inevitable adjustments to production schedules and rehearsal show flows, it is imperative that your on-site office is equipped with high-speed printers and copiers. Tablets are also an eco-friendly solution, but if those are not an option for your crew, up-to-date project printouts are integral to the success of the overall program. Time is the most valuable on-site resource and any time saved on mundane tasks such as printing project documents will help your team’s operational efficiency. Remember to always recycle and use recycled paper wherever possible.

3. Event Crew Snacks & Meal Replacements

On-site project execution is a fast-paced, exhilarating time for the production crew. Adequate nourishment is vital for optimal performance and stocking the production office with an array of healthy snacks and meal replacements for your crew is essential. Energy bars, fresh fruit and assorted trail mixes are great for on-the-go moments where you aren’t able to sit down for a meal. A well-fed and energized crew is a productive and happy crew!

4. Production Office Seating Chart Strategy

One of the most important aspects of creating an efficient production office is carefully planning where team members are stationed within the space. Everyone has a specific role to fulfill while on a project and creating an environment to support their focus on that task is crucial. Place production department teams together to allow for easy communication and collaboration. If client teams are also situated within the same office space, try to separate their respective areas as much as possible. This eliminates the confusion that can be caused by overhearing production details that are still developing and aren’t relevant to people outside of that specific department team.

5. Ample Office Supplies for Event Staff

To create an efficient on-site production office be sure to stock it with an abundance of extra office supplies. Account for plenty of extras and proactively place refills near the appropriate equipment for quick turnaround. Also plan to keep a designated supply of materials at the ready for your client. Prior to on-site travel, ask your client if they favor certain products or anticipate needing anything in particular and furnish them with those items in addition to a healthy supply of standard materials as a safety net. This will eliminate the need for sending a production runner to pick up general office supplies that could have been purchased in advance.

The key to setting up an efficient on-site production office is supporting your crew by identifying ways to help them focus on their primary responsibilities for the event. The team is at their most effective when they are able to access the supplies and information they need, easily get acclimated to the office and keep their attention on their specific tasks. Every event needs an on-site production office and Temple Rock has them down to a science. Let’s talk about making one for your next event.