5 Design Elements for Your Trade Show Booth – Temple Rock

May 8, 2019

5 Design Elements You Must Incorporate into Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows form a strategic component of the corporate marketing mix. In fact, 84% of corporate leadership believes that in-person events are critical to their company’s success (Bizzabo). But maximizing ROI from your trade show presence can still be a challenge. Show floors are noisy, visually distracting, chaotic places. How to ensure that your presence attracts the traffic you need to attain your event marketing goals?

Key to increasing your exposure and attracting the right prospects is a visually enticing, emotionally engaging booth. An innovative, eye-popping presence draws attendees into your exhibit space, elevates your brand and sets you apart from your competition.

Effective event presence relies on more than gimmicks. It comes from a holistic, experiential approach that considers the total visitor experience.

Here are five design elements to incorporate into your next trade show booth.

1.     Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augment Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are today’s most immersive and innovative technologies. AR/VR let you sweep attendees away from their immediate surroundings on a magic carpet, into outer space, inner space and pure fantasy, while providing ample branding opportunities. At least one VR station in your stand and/or mobile AR apps that overlay your booth will both engage visitors passing by and attract attendees carefully planning their trade show trajectories.

2.     Attendee-driven, Interactive Displays

Memorable trade show experiences are always immersive. Instead of showing prospects what your products offer at arm’s length, let them get involved firsthand. A tabletop touchscreen or interactive display lets attendees dive into a demo, game or promotional challenge, while also sharing a real user experience with other booth visitors and passers-by.

3.     Continuous Visuals

Too many booth spaces are scattershot arrangements of demos, signage and other elements. Instead, tie your visuals together by stacking, staggering and strategically arranging monitors for an inclusive, continuous visual effect: animate information elements and other dynamic visuals – rockets, meteors, network packets, sales graphs and logos – to streak, bounce and soar across multiple displays.

4.     Social Media Integration

Trade shows are a key source of social media buzz, with attendees tweeting, posting and vlogging as they wander the show floor. Take advantage of this phenomenon by offering selfie-worthy settings, automated check-ins and reviews, live streaming and other real-time posting to both personal and company accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other media.

5.     Maker Engagement

Everybody loves trade show swag. But attendees boast and post about giveaways customized for their tastes and preferences. Turn booth visitors into spontaneous Makers by letting them build custom toys and tools and tchotchkes that highlight and amplify your brand.

Successful trade show presence must transcend the physical. Warm bodies, tabletops, leaflets and carpeting just don’t cut it. Instead, imagine your booth as a “21st century theme park” and let Temple Rock Productions make it a reality.