5 Green Room Essentials for Corporate Events - Temple Rock

December 16, 2019

5 Green Room Essentials for Corporate Events

Green rooms provide executives, speakers and event entertainers with a space to get in the zone before delivering their presentation. Be certain to stock them with all the items necessary to help presenters feel confident and prepared to perform.


1. Event Information Sheets

In addition to communicating event information during preproduction, compile a packet for each green room with audience demographics, meeting goals, rehearsal call times etc. to keep the schedule and serve as a reminder to stay aligned with program objectives. Include the wireless network name and password, as well as the names and photos of executives to help entertainers recognize key figures.

2. Green Room Security

Give green room occupants peace of mind that their personal items and valuables are secure. Keep doors locked and ensure only relevant personnel have access to the keys or proper badging. In instances where there is no lockable door, assign a dedicated security attendant and/or provide a safe.

3. Throat Coat Tea for the Talent

In every green room, include an assortment of Throat Coat tea, lemon and honey. A cup of the herbal tea blend of slippery elm, marshmallow root and licorice gives the voice a boost before any presentation.

4. Medical Supplies to Keep Event Presenters Feeling Their Best

A small injury or illness can impact mental focus and the ability to deliver a successful presentation. Be prepared by equipping green rooms with medicine and first aid supplies to quickly remedy everything from headaches to paper cuts.

5. Clothing Tools So Speakers Look Sharp

Provide an assortment of wardrobe tools to make sure every presenter feels confident before walking onstage. The items we use most frequently are handheld steamers, lint rollers, stain removal wipes, bleach pens, mini sewing kits, clothing racks and mirrors.

Temple Rock routinely produces green rooms for prominent CEOs, Grammy award-winning artists and US presidents. Visit our Entertainment Services section for information on motivational speakers, live panels, global artists and more, and contact us directly to discuss the benefits of having Temple Rock manage the full scope of your next high-profile event.