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October 29, 2019

5 Site Survey Tips for a Successful Meeting

Site surveys are vital to ensure a smooth production process for all teams involved with a project. Whether the venue is local or requires travel, dedicated meeting time in the space where an event will occur helps to bridge the gap between the creative vision and real-world execution. Capitalizing on the time you have at a site survey with the people who will help bring the production to life is invaluable, if you come prepared.


1. Site Survey Documentation

Properly preparing documents to be reviewed at a site survey is crucial to support efficient use of meeting time. Create a cutoff time for adjustments to be included in the document version that will be reviewed at the meeting. Send the updated version to all team members who will be present at the meeting by the end of day preceding the site survey. Before the meeting, confirm with all team members that they are reviewing the correct document version to mitigate any opportunities for misunderstanding caused by unseen version changes.

2. Loading Dock Logistics

One of the most essential components of successful on-site execution is trucking and loading dock coordination. Make sure to take account of the streets and traffic around the loading dock entrance so you can communicate any helpful information to the truck drivers. This allows the drivers to plan accordingly and be on time, which is especially important during a tight load in schedule. An in-person walk-through of the loading dock and path to the event space is vital to ensure that trucks are able to unload all production equipment efficiently. A lapse in preparation could result in hours of lost setup time. Confirming loading dock logistics is one of the most valuable things you can do on a site survey.

3. Venue Relationship-Building

Building relationships with venue personnel at a site survey can make all the difference for your on-site execution. Take the time to foster those connections early by meeting with the primary venue contact to inquire about operational nuances and ways that you can collaborate to efficiently navigate the preproduction process. Doing so will build trust and ensure that you get the best possible output from the venue team. Unexpected on-site problems and circumstances are easily solved if you have a cooperative venue team. Developing those relationships on site surveys is a critical component to the success of your project.

4. Know Your Venue Surroundings

Allocating time to research and familiarize yourself with the area around a venue can be invaluable for saving you time on-site. Before or after a site survey meeting, explore the area around the venue and get acquainted with the locations of general stores, restaurants and local businesses. Having knowledge of the surrounding area is extremely handy if you need to send a production assistant or runner out to purchase materials for the project, or if the client asks for any local recommendations. An understanding of nearby resources is also an asset for creating detailed informational materials to send to crew members prior to on-site travel.

5. Venue Exploration

Venue contracts are typically secured ahead of a production site survey, but it is always in your best interest to scout the other rooms around your contracted spaces. Being prepared with as much knowledge of the venue as possible is imperative to swiftly address any unexpected situations. Storage is always a hot commodity and on-site equipment additions can quickly commandeer the allotted storage space. Being prepared with extra knowledge of the event venue allows you to resolve that quickly and readies you to address a wide range of other pop-up circumstances, up to and including arranging for an entirely new meeting room setup if needed.

The purpose of a site survey is to set yourself and your team up for success in the most comprehensive way possible. Planning ahead, familiarizing yourself with the space and neighborhood and going out of your way to engage the venue personnel early will pay off on-site by allowing you to stay focused on your client and execution when it counts the most. Temple Rock is here to help. Contact us today to learn more.