Meet and Greet Must-Haves - Temple Rock

November 27, 2019

Meet and Greet Must-Haves

Once you’ve hired the hottest entertainment for your event, take it to the next level by setting up a meet and greet to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for top attendees. Most entertainers have a number of engagement rules and the bigger the name the more stipulations they tend to have. Negotiate the contract terms with their talent agency up front to ensure that you are able to offer VIP attendees the perfect meet and greet. Once the conditions have been agreed upon, include the following components to coordinate a stellar meet and greet experience.


Meet and Greet Location:

Plan for the meet and greet space early in the preproduction process. As your production team is creating floor plans, strategically position the meet and greet area in a location that is convenient to the green room without compromising its privacy. Consider the number of guests you will have and plan the line’s path accordingly for a circuit that can be traveled seamlessly.

Essential Meet and Greet Staff and Equipment:

  • Experienced Photographer – Hire a professional photographer who has specific experience with similar photo op setups.
  • Quality Backdrop – A well-lit, branded backdrop is an easy way to ensure consistent photos that tie back to your event. 8’x10’ is the minimum size, but the larger you can make it the better to accommodate group shots. Have a steamer on hand to keep the backdrop crisp and remove any distracting wrinkles.
  • Rope and Stanchion – Keep the line moving and maximize the amount of time for each meet and greet interaction by using rope and stanchion to manage the traffic. Have a coordinator on hand to assist attendees with their belongings while the photo is being taken.
  • Proper Security – Having ample event staff, or a formal security team if required, will provide protection, facilitate an efficient and enjoyable process and make everyone feel comfortable. Communicate expectations and protocols clearly to all staff to avoid any confusion if an incident does occur.

Finishing Touches for a Truly VIP Experience:

Some finishing touches that our teams employ at meet and greets are pipe and drape to create a private entrance/exit backstage, black gaff tape for cord management and duvatyne fabric to mask other objects. In this clean and thoughtfully-planned environment, your guests will feel like VIPs and be solely focused on the building anticipation of being face-to-face with a big star.

Prepare Attendees for a Positive Meet and Greet Experience:

Station a coordinator at the beginning of the line to prepare attendees for their turn, manage expectations and move guests forward.

  • Take Candids While Waiting – As attendees wait in line, take a picture of them with their badges held up so you can easily match up the official photo with the correct names and distribute photos quickly.
  • Help with Possessions – Instruct and assist attendees in removing all personal effects including purses and name badges.
  • Explain the Process – Outline how many photos will be taken and how they’ll receive the images afterward. Communicate that this is not the place for individual autographs or selfies and issue a reminder about respecting personal space.

At Temple Rock, we have decades of experience organizing entertainment services and we pride ourselves on the attention to detail that makes them a heightened experience. For more information, check out our Entertainment Services section or contact us directly.