Virtual Events

Virtual Event Strategy

  • Virtual Event Strategy Consultation
  • Virtual Programming Strategy
  • Platform & Equipment Strategy
  • Online Communications & Marketing Strategy
Virtual Events

Virtual Event Creative Services

  • Virtual User Experience Design
  • Broadcast Set Design (Physical or Virtual)
  • Custom Branded Video Players & Virtual Waiting Rooms
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Mobile Event App Design
  • Virtual Keynote, Meeting & Networking Environment Design
  • Virtual Trade Show Environment & Exhibitor Booth Design
  • Consistent Branding Across All Platforms
Virtual Events

Virtual Event Production

  • Webcasting, Livestreaming & On-Demand Content
  • Networking & Bandwidth Solutions
  • Scalable Camera & Switching Solutions (Single USB Webcams up to Studio Broadcast)
  • Lighting Design & Audio Solutions (Broadcast Set or Remote Locations)
  • Production Speaker Support (Speaker Timers, Prompter & Program Feed, Multiview)
  • Content Playback Support (Media Servers, Slide Presentation Technology, Broadcast Screen Graphics)
  • Closed Captioning & Translation Services
Virtual Events

Virtual Event Management

  • Digital Content Licensing, Management & Distribution
  • Online Registration Services
  • Broadcast Studio Location Scouting
  • Online Sponsor Management
  • Shipping & Logistics for Distributed Teams
Virtual Events

Interactive Opportunities for Online Attendees

  • Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality (VR, AR & MR)
  • Virtual Networking Solutions
  • Question & Answer Platforms
  • Online Polling
  • Live Chat Forums
  • Gamification
Virtual Events

Talent Management for Virtual Events

  • Sourcing Effective Speakers for Virtual Formats
  • Speaker Coaching for Virtual Formats
  • Broadcast Studio & Remote Location Rehearsals
  • Equipment Kits & Technical Support for Remote Presenters
Virtual Events

Virtual Event Measurement & Wrap Up

  • Recordings
  • Video Editing
  • Post-Event Surveys
  • Detailed Analytics Reports
  • ROI Measurement

No Obligation Consultations

Whether you need help quickly bringing a live event online or aren’t sure how to approach planning a future event in light of COVID-19, fill out this contact form and a Temple Rock team member will be in touch to schedule a no obligation consultation.